Do I Need To Apply Permit For Condo Aircon Servicing

No! You do not need to worry about applying when servicing air conditioners. However, any homeowner who resells a house or a new flat should obtain HDB permission when replacing / installing the air conditioning unit. The first step in obtaining a license is to check the power load of your neighborhood via HDB Info-WEB or over the phone. If your neighborhood does not provide a high electrical load (which means about 30 amps for your main switch), the HD will tell you if you need a permit.Image result for Aircon Servicing

In general, you will need a permit if you plan to use a new 15 amp power point / 20 amp isolator to install the air conditioning unit. Apply online for about 5-10 minutes. On the other hand, you will not need a permit to use an existing approved 15 amp power point / 20 amp isolator provided by HDB or your previous owner.

If HDBs are upgraded under MUPs or HIPs or completed before 1994, HDB permits are not required. In addition, no license is required if HDB already has your unit equipped with a 40A main switch that represents a higher electrical load. HDB doesn’t require you applying permit whenmaintainingor installing high-capacity appliances or equipment that typically include air conditioning. However click here, make sure that a 15 amp power point or a 20 amp isolator limits the operating current of the air conditioner.

However, you can only rely on BCA-trained air-conditioning installers, so you must check before beginning the installation process. In addition, you must submit a report of installation to the Building Authority within 14 days of installation of the air conditioner. The contractor may submit it to you on your behalf.

Since there is no need permit application to install an air conditioner in a 40-amp electricity supply, that does not mean that the homeowner can install any number of aircon. They should comply with all the Singapore government guidelines for the installation of air conditioners, most of them including approved site guidelines. In addition, the owner must rely on HDB’s guidance during the installation.


HDB holds the correct installation and stability of the air conditioner in the owner-in-charge of the unit, windows or split units. Other HD requirements that owners should fulfill include:


  • Install the aircon condensing unit at a Singapore government approved location.
  • The method of installation should comply with the HDB Guidelines. Housing bureaus are strictly forbidden through the reinforced concrete walls orcolumns black holes of beams.
  • BCA skilled airconinstallers or expert should insulate all piping especially against the side of the condensing unit to perform dripping or condensation prevention.
  • You also need properly drain the air conditioner to the interior floor of the apartment and the drain should not run along the exterior walls of the apartment.
  • Whenever you install a new relocation or electrical outlet on an existing air conditioner outlet, you should hire an electrical contractor licensed by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) to do the job. SP Services Limited (SPSL) should also test the electronic extension.
  • You should always keep the air conditioner condenser safe to prevent inconvenience to your neighbors.


Why air-conditioning services in Singapore is very important

Air conditioners keep your home at a comfortable temperature and help you remove moisture and filter out impurities in your breathing air. The appliance does a lot for you, but you also have to make sure the appliance stays in the right shape. You should do this by scheduling annual air-conditioning services.

Previous airconmaintenance can help you get out of your control before you find any minor problems, which will save you money. Replacing or repairing a minor problem is cheaper than simply overhauling it because you wait a long time to solve the problem. By checking the equipment every year, you will be able to maintain its performance to its best, especially at very high temperatures. Annual maintenance will also help you extend the life of the air conditioning system and reduce your monthly energy costs.


In addition to reducing maintenance costs and helping you to avoid big problems, annual maintenance will help to make the system cleaner. This is a major cause of concern because without a proper operating system the humidity levels, air quality and comfort of the general home will be affected.

During annual air conditioning, you should call an air-conditioning certified technician to check if your system runs from pipe to filter. Technicians can also inspect the components for excessive wear or damage, clean them, and inspect various parts of the equipment.


Some important maintenance checks a technician should perform include:


  • Clean the condenser air conditioning coils and evaporator. Dirty coils may degrade your system’s cooling capacity and cause the run time to exceed the required time.
  • Adjust and clean the blower assembly to provide proper airflow to the system for greater comfort.
  • Check the aluminum heat sink on the rear of the device. In most cases, the fin may bend or squash when an object hits them. This may reduce the efficiency of the machine.


After a thorough adjustment, the technician will recommend actions to solve any problems. This may include thorough pipe cleaning, filter replacement, or any other necessary maintenance. The technician should also advise you to take other steps to reach your next call between the service call and the best time.

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner, you will be able to extend your aircon service life. To keep your system performing optimally, the technician will advise you to take various steps yourself in service checks to extend the useful life of your device by more than 20%.

Annual service is also important for securing your system. If there are any major issues with the system during the warranty phase, your claim may be rejected if you do not provide a clear routine maintenance document.


For all these reasons, there is no timetable for an annual air conditioning service to be better developed than it is now. It will give you the comfort you need in the hot months and extend the life of the system while reducing energy costs.

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